Menopause 6 Month Master Class

Slow paced payment-plan: get 12 modules over 6 months ~a new module every 2 weeks. Ideal if you want take your time.

Menopause Master Class: 12 Modules over 6 Months


Advanced Video Modules (All available now):

  1. Professor Bruce Robinson (MD): Understanding and Treating Menopause from a Western Medical Perspective
  2. Dr Julian Scott: Gates of Life - Puberty and Menopause
  3. Honora Lee Wolfe: The Four Firsts in Diagnosing Women
  4. Rebecca Avern: Midlife and Menopause - Five Element Perspective
  5. Gioavnni Maciocia: An Introduction to Treating Menopause with Acupuncture and Herbs
  6. Peter Deadman: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Traditions
  7. Gioavnni Maciocia: Advanced Acupuncture Protocols and Herbal Medicine Formula for the Treatment of Menopause with a focus on Tongue Diagnosis
  8. Susan Kath: Nutrition, Food supplements and Lifestyle for Optimising Midlife and Beyond
  9. Anastacïa White: Chinese Herbal Medicines and Constitutional Types
  10. Natalie Chandra Saunders: The Qi of Tea for Midlife and Menopause
  11. Kath Berry: Cupping and Adjunct Therapies for Menopause
  12. Honora Lee Wolfe: Menopause Marketing: How to Get (and Keep!) New Female Patients 


    Certificates of Attendance for CPD / CEU / PDA will be awarded on successful completion of a Quiz Assessment after each module (total 24 hours).


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