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About Kath Berry

Katherine (Kath) Berry, BHSc, MSc, is an author and acupuncture educator with over 25 years of clinical experience.

Having commenced a Bachelor’s degree in TCM in Australia in 1995, after graduating in 2000, Kath spent time working in several hospitals in China. She then returned to Australia and completed a Master of Science Research degree (MSc) in drug and alcohol addiction medicine at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Her thesis was based on a  clinical trial she set up between UTS and Sydney South West Area Health Service. As Australia’s first ever hospital-based acupuncture clinical trial, the study required two years of preparation across three ethics jurisdictions and paved the way for further collaboration between TCM university departments and hospitals.


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Biography cont...

Concurrently, Kath fuelled her passion for enhancing the acupuncture profession through high quality education, networking, and mentoring by setting up a nonprofit organisation, The Acupuncture Network. In 2007 she studied at the Lincoln Recovery Center in NYC with Dr Michael Smith and became a certified NADA ear acupuncture trainer. From 2008 to 2010 she worked with Balance Healthcare and the Journal of Chinese Medicine in the UK before consulting with Acupuncture Professional.

After moving to Ibiza in Spain in 2015, she was nominated Vice President of the Acupuncture Now Foundation and consultant to Evidence Based Acupuncture, two USA non-profit advocacy organisations. 

In 2018 she joined with paediatric expert Dr Julian Scott to provide continuing professional development training for acupuncturists all over the world via Then, in 2019 she developed fertility and menopause masterclasses with eminent acupuncture specialists; their teachings inspired this book >> and are shared here >> at  Treating Women Academy at

Kath is a happily divorced mother of two and proud women’s health advocate. She helps practitioners empower women to reach their full potential through courses on enhancing health, achieving balance, promoting confidence, and encouraging sexual vibrancy.

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