Rise of the Phoenix: Beyond Menopause Mastery


8 hours Certificate / CPD / CEUs / PDAs - worldwide.

With the menopause powerhouse trio Kath Berry, Dr Brian Grosam and Natalie Chandra Saunders!


Comprehensive training to manage the most challenging aspects of menopause with confidence and ease. This webinar series offers effective treatments for hot flashes, expert advice on addressing sex and libido issues, and guidance on navigating hormone therapies and supplements. Beyond immediate symptom relief, empower your patients with 'yang sheng' lifestyle advice to help transition through the menopause years and beyond!


1. The Menopause Mix with Kath Berry and Natalie Chandra Saunders: 

  • Definitions and terminology
  • Changing attitudes towards menopause
  • Female reproductive hormones
  • TCM Perspective of Menopause (common patterns)
  • Female anatomy and physiology
  • Urogenital conditions - overview and TCM perspective
  • Benefits of sex and libido
  • MHT and bioidentical hormones
  • Drugs: supplements & CBD
  • Alcohol, benzodiazepines and recreational drugs
  • Cannabis
  • Psychedelics
  • Gates of Life and "Second Spring" 
  • Your role as a clinician

2. Hot Flashes with Dr Brian Grosam (USA) - case study

  • Chinese medicine theory combined with current Western medicine scientific frameworks to understand the patho-mechanisms of hot flashes
  • The roles of estrogen and neurotransmitters - and Chinese medicine historical theory to provide an up-to-date understanding of hot flashes and menopausal transition.
  • Exploring current western medicine treatments as well as acupuncture and herbs
  • A complete evaluation of how modern treatment strategies can be improved through an integrated approach
  • Deep dive into the five Traditional Patterns:

    1) Yin Deficiency & Blood Depletion

    2) Yangming Excess

    3) Spleen and Stomach Qi Deficiency

    4) Damp-Evil Obstruction

    5) Blood Stasis

    + Kidney Yang Deficiency

    + Lung-Kidney Non-interaction

    PLUS Q&A discussion and protocols

3. Beyond Menopause: Yangsheng lifestyle advice and Mushroom Medicine with Natalie Chandra Saunders (UK)

The following practices are all essential to the yangsheng tradition and will be explored with examples pertinent to women's health:

  • Cultivating the mind and managing the emotions
  • Regulating the diet, including how, when, and what we consume
  • Cultivating the body by balancing appropriate rest and activity and exercise, including deep breathing 
  • Getting enough good quality sleep
  • Having a healthy and fulfilling sex life
  • Making time for leisure activities, such as spending time in nature or enjoying  music, dance, and art
  • Making appropriate lifestyle adaptations during pregnancy and following childbirth.
  • Caring for children wisely
  • Accepting the ageing process and managing it as well as possible

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