Acupuncture Without Needles - TeleHealth

In a time of crisis, having skills to be able to help people remotely will enhance your capacity to help people beyond geographic limitations.

NOW is the time to invest in developing further skills that offer immediate benefit to a patient's mental well being - over the phone, on Zoom or Skype.

Sign up today to learn how to deliver the Universal Process "Acupuncture without Needles" to your current patients and as an online consultant.

If after completing this course it has not fulfilled your needs or expectations you will get 100% money back - I am that confident this technique is the missing link to your acupuncture practice.

I absolutely love this technique and I am confidence you will too!

Here is what other's have to say:

"Amazing how it changed my state of mind immediately including my body sensations. It really cleared my mind, I got rid of trash in my head that prevented me of keep on going, just do it. Now I feel how tense I was and how that effected my physiology".

"The possibilities of this method are endless. The effect is immediate, even when I find it not always easy to expand my imagination. What I like especially is the lightness of this method. It is easy, not heavy and long conversations and digging in the past. I have a natural affinity with supporting people on a psychological level next to the acupuncture treatments. But this is a tool that gives me the opportunity to really treat people instead of supporting".



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