Covid-19: Back to Work Safely with Jennifer Dubowsky


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Re-Opening Your Acupuncture Clinic - Safely
Webinar for Practitioners
Returning to your acupuncture practice is confusing at this time. As practitioners we need to be exemplary - setting an example for the community. 

We help you by providing clear guidance including templates for the paperwork you need such as protocols and patient waivers.
Jennifer Dubowsky has sifted through a ton of material and selected the best, most current ideas and client forms to save you time.
One thing to know ahead of time - re-opening will be more stressful than you think. Our conversation will help reduce your stress and we can answer questions at the end so that you feel prepared when the time comes to re-open.
This webinar covers:
1. How to develop YOUR guidelines including an assessment of your office building and your own space
2. Patient care
3. Sanitation supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE)
4. Self-care: keeping you safe
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