The Qi of Tea eBook

The Qi of Tea eBook is a text guide to understanding the history and use of tea in traditional Chinese medicine. It includes traditional uses and brewing tips for over 40 different teas, herbs and flowers, and simple recipes for soothing common ailments and restoring health.

92 pages, with over 40 teas (uses and brewing tips).

Table of contents

A Brief History of Tea

Tea and Health  

Types of Tea

Green Tea

White Tea

Yellow Tea

Oolong Tea

Red Tea

Black Tea

Herbal and Flower Teas

Safety of Herbal Teas

Herbal and Flower Teas - An A-Z Guide

Recipes for Restoring Health

Teas to Supplement Yin

Teas to Cool & Detoxify

Teas to Supplement Yang

Teas to Warm & Support Digestion

Coughs & Colds

Digestive Issues

Emotional Balance & Insomnia

Blood & Circulation

Beauty & Weight Loss  

Glossary of Traditional Chinese Medical Terms



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