Coronavirus COVID-19 and TCM

Webinar replay - in this time of crisis, learn what you can do... Scroll down this page for links, videos, PDF downloads and supporting information.


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Acupuncture Without Needles: TCM Treatments Online


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Journal of Chinese Medicine FREE Articles

With thanks to Peter Deadman, Danny Maxwell and Susan Truce for making these articles available for free and ahead of publishing schedule.

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Link to resources

Below are the resources mentioned in the webinar, and other supporting links

Exploration of pathogenesis and treatment with TCM  for Novel Coronary virus pneumonia from Prof. Sun Peilin, ICZO.



Expert discussion panel with Sharon Loerzer from the Family Evolution Centre, Julian Scott and Rebecca Avern. Learn practical approaches to engaging children and teenagers at times of crisis. 

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Social Distancing and Self Isolation Excerpt

This is a 9 minute video excerpt from the webinar for sharing with patients, friends and family. Free on YouTube

Peter Deadman's Qi Gong to Strengthen the Lungs

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